Whaler Restoration – Rub Rail Part #1

It took me about 6 combined hours, but 2 pieces of the 3 part rub rail have been installed onto the hull. Blisters and sore forearms aside, I was very happy not to run into any issues, and again, am more than happy with how it turned out. The OEM rubrail that came on this model back in 1974 was black, but I opted for all white. The original installation was done with rivets every 6 inches, but I opted for self-tapping, self-sealing stainless steel screws. Again, these are tapped at 6 inch intervals. (3 inches at both curves at the bow). This job could not have been done without the heat gun and several clamps, as the white plastic track that the rubber rail slides into is extremely rigid and hard to bend and work with. (It is actually coiled up when shipped.) The process of heating and straightening the rail without deforming it and then clamping it tight to the hull is really a 2-person job, unless you have more than 2 clamps. I’ve got 3 🙂 .

The second part of the installation will involve wiring the navigation lights and installing the rubber insert. Stay tuned!

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