Whaler Restoration – Mahogany Installation

After 12 coats of Captains 1015, I decided that I was DONE varnishing. Like I could not do any more. Not even one more coat. LOL. So I spent the last week or so installing the interior into the boat. I was very nervous drilling and screwing into the actual hull of the boat, but I used 4200 to seal where I could, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it came out. The 2 consoles required some last minute modifications to fit flush with the deck of the boat, so I called on my handy neighbor Andy, who is one hell of a carpenter and has all of the tools for the job. He measured at least 3 times, broke out his new table saw, and cut the supports of the consoles at just the PERFECT angle to sit flush with the deck. I have the tank underneath the seat in the storage compartment, but I am not sure if I will keep or sell it. It’s a 14-gallon that will probably give me close to 100 mile range. The other option is just to keep the 6-gallon tank I already have as well. This would give me less range, BUT also less weight, and more storage. Decisions, decisions. Next up, wiring the navigation lights and finishing the rub rail. Stay tuned!

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