Whaler Restoration – Hardware Chrome Plating

Replacing the OEM hardware for a classic Boston Whaler can be quite expensive.  Getting your original hardware re-plated and chromed can be just as much.  Since I had no damage with any of my hardware, I went with getting it all re-chromed.  I found a local company here in Madisonville to do the work, and while the owner did a great job with the finish, I can’t recommend him because of how he attempted to price gouge me and even threaten to strip all of the pieces when I expressed my unhappiness with the transaction.  But that’s another story, and I will be posting some very truthful and negative reviews of his business.  Nonetheless, take a look at the work.  Pieces finished and re-chromed included:

  • Bow & Stern lifting and tow eyes
  • Norman Pin
  • Stern Light Stanchions / Stand-offs
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